Aaditya Sharma 03 Dec, 2018 04:53 71873 5

Why Samsung's Foldable Phone Will Be A Huge Flop But A Step Towards Future

The first generation products are always a risk. 

Over the years, technology has evolved way too much in the field of smartphones. Every company is trying to make things and advancements that are out of this world. Though, the advanced technologies have been bugging the minds of people since sci-fi movies came into existence. They have shown us fully bezel-less phones, transparent phones, and of course, foldable too. 

Many companies including Samsung Electronics, Oppo and Huawei are trying their best to provide the world with futuristic devices. Recently, Samsung even unveiled its first foldable smartphone without sharing many details like name and specifications. But, the biggest question remains- is the phone good? Yes, it is without a doubt the biggest achievement for a company or anyone to create a foldable phone and moreover, show it to the world, but there are many things that we all need to think about the new smartphone. 

Just keep reading, and I will tell you.