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Reasons Why Vivo V11 Pro is Better Than Poco F1

Poco F1? Not so PERFECT!

Disclaimer: Poco F1 is great, and we loved it. It has a great processor, of course, great battery and it is a great phone to buy at anything around INR 20,000, yes, great not mind-blowing. Poco F1 has got many things right, and again we loved it, it is surely one of the best smartphones to consider under INR 25,000, but still not perfect. Just to mention, there is no perfect smartphone, because if a device got better hardware, it lacks build or display. Whereas, if a device has a better built and display, the processor is certainly not the best available in the price range.

It's a hard road to pick a smartphone around this price range. So, to make peace with every part of a smartphone rather than bumping a particular one, there is an option called Vivo V11 Pro that we recently came across. Vivo V11 Pro seems to focus on every sector with not the aim to make it the best but to make it great. Because let's accept, putting everything that's best available in the market will land a smartphone in premium or flagship price bracket which we are certainly not talking about.