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Shavy 20 Aug, 2019 06:08 74071 20

20 Envious Vintage Photos That Will Make You Call The FBI

Our parent's generation was way cooler.

Grab an old album to catch a glimpse of your parents' youth. The cool sunglasses, the plaided bottoms, and the beautiful sleeves are all meant to steal your heart away.

Well, the clothes weren't just the only thing that was cool about that generation - the influx of alcohol and cigarettes - without having proper scientific research, made parents do some questionable things as well. 

From posing with deadly animals, to literally photographing the kids as they drink alcohol, the parents of the 20th century were literally a mess (or savage - whatever you choose to say).

But we are here to salvage the good memories. And, if you are a fan of the vintage times, then here are some photos that depict just the same.