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Lavisha 07 Nov, 2019 07:30 74212 20

Tiger Woods Had Some Of The Most Alluring Girlfriends, Let's See Who They Were!

Tiger always had beauty around!

It's said Behind every successful man there is a woman. Well, I don't know about that, but surely behind most of the distracted men, there is usually a woman. And so was the case with Tiger. 

Yeah, you heard that right! Tiger Woods has a dark past when it comes to women in his life. Yeah, not a woman but women! And though it's not wrong to fall in love and fall out and then fall in again with another person, Tiger did go through a lot because of this. 

There was a time when people even claimed that the superstar, Tiger Woods is not going to be back in his original avatar ever again. But he proved them all wrong and won the 2019 Masters.

So, for now, let's have a quick peek in Tiger's personal life and check out her girls a bit.