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Anshuman 02 Aug, 2018 07:42 67811 7

The Marvel and X-Men Crossover is Happening. Here's Everything You Need to Know!

For some people, it's a dream come true!

Disney recently acquired 20th Century Fox's major assets including, Fox's Film and TV studios and the deal is set to close by the second quarter of 2019. With names like X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four under its belt, Fox has been producing films with a much darker shade and violent scenes in contrast to Disney's PG-13 movies.

To summarize the entire story, in the 90s, when Marvel was financially unstable, trying to sell their comics, they started selling out the rights of their characters including Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. This certainly resulted in Marvel losing many popular superheroes we have right now. With Iron Man grossing $98.6 Million in its opening weekend in 2008 and the failure of Edward Norton's Hulk, Disney showed their interest in buying out Marvel.

In 2009, Disney closed the deal with Marvel at $4.24 Billion, igniting the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we see today. With time, Marvel came up with some of the highest grossing superhero movies of all time, and things got better for them. Now, as Disney bought Fox under its command, fans might be seeing some major crossovers. But, what are the possible variations that you're excited to watch on the silver screen? Until we do have a verdict, here are a few things that might/should happen: