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Dhruv 08 Oct, 2018 13:13 70333 2

Are You Ready to Talk Tech with Fellow Coders Through This Geeky Platform?

A chance to become a part of Central India's biggest student-held hackathon.

The technology evolution has constantly been on the rise, and so have been the software developers of the new generation. Instead of spending long hours formulating information technology decision-making processes, developers are now equipped to innovate new things rapidly. 

With the expanding ecosystem, students studying software engineering learn something new almost every day. However, there’s still a colossal gap between writing the command lines and developing real applications. It can be said that there’s still a long way for students to reach their true potential.

And to increase the development of a positive environment in favor of bringing technological revolutions, a platform is helping students come up with innovative solutions collaboratively. 

You won't believe how simpler things become when like-minded people meet to build something together. Especially when it's about developing new software and technologies.    

So, are you interested in talking tech with fellow coders and create something new?