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Shavy 15 Nov, 2019 06:01 74243 30

Superheroes The MCU Made Too Weak; (And Too Strong)

Your favorite is on the list too!

CW: This isn't a Marvel critique, just an outlay of factual studies.

So, we love MCU and are thankful for the movies every year. We did stand in lines for Endgame, made fan pages and started signing petitions after Natasha's death.

Settling that, there are some logistic mistakes that do continue to disappoint us. One of the biggest is the disproportionate distribution of power among Avengers. 

While some of the Avengers are unfairly uplifted, some of them are pummeled through the ground. Some got their happily ever after, while some were killed off mercilessly. 

It's not every day that we want our superheroes to pull up their socks and put up a punch, so here's a good day to make a list of all the Avengers that MCU made weak, intentionally.