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Lavisha 20 Sep, 2019 06:21 74149 20

Do You Know The Reasons Behind Miley And Liam's Divorce?

Miley even got a new girlfriend!

Miley and Liam's love story first started after they performed their parts as onscreen lovers in "The Last Song" in 2009. They eventually got engaged in 2012 but unfortunately called it off in late 2013, only to get back again in 2016. 

They have seen many ups and downs but after they got married, everyone knew for a fact that they are going to be together forever. But their forever didn't last for long, as they filed for divorce only after eight months of their marriage.

Everyone's hope shattered all of a sudden. No one knows what the exact reason for their divorce could be. But we got to know about various reasons that could be responsible for the situation.

Some sources and insiders have told various news channels and magazines about the couple, so let's see what's the possible reason behind their divorce.