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Lavisha 03 Dec, 2019 13:50 74282 45

Big Brother Producers Don't Want Us To Know The Reality Behind This Reality Show!

Let's peek into the reality!

Big Brother is a reality show, with a lot of drama and fun by its side. Contestants are selected and moved to the "Big Brother" house and are made to live together. With so many strangers living together, clashes and dramas are fated. And, by the way, these brawls have a significant role in augmenting the TRP of the show.

The show is undoubtedly a very successful one. As we can see Season 21 is up. And running 20 seasons so successfully and coming up with yet another one is not a small task.

Just like the rest of its seasons, Season 21 also brought 16 contestants to the house in the beginning, and one by one they get eliminated. The eliminations are done based on weekly competitions and the votes. No matter who stays or leaves, the show goes on.

Amidst all of this, there are certain things that the producers wouldn't want us to know about the show. But let's reveal the reality of this reality show!