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5 Things You'll Love About This AI-Powered Affordable Smartphone

Bang for the bucks?

What makes a smartphone a great smartphone? Well, for most of the users, it will be a nice display, bigger battery, fast performance, and a great camera. Sure, but what if we could get a handset that has all these covered and something as a cherry on the top of it?

As an answer to this wishlist from us users, Panasonic has come up with something that learns and improves with our use and experience of the phone. Yes, AI (Artifical Intelligence) or machine learning it is! It is bound to take our user experience to an altogether next level where the phone learns and gives a better experience via artificial intelligence.

You see, AI is actually helpful in reducing human input in many ways. For instance, AI can help you with clicking better pictures without the need to play around the 'Pro' mode which most of us are not adept at using, in the first place. 

Panasonic recently launched their Eluga Z1 Pro which bets on AI (Artificial Intelligence) big time. This device comes at an affordable price, and it seems every aspect of this smartphone comes with an AI touch, something which is exciting and something to look forward to! 

The phone not only packs some good AI implementations but also does not disappoint on the specifications part. After testing the device for a couple of days, we pointed out some features that we are sure you would like.