Mr Robot FSociety 21 Aug, 2018 13:02 68527 4

Oppo F9 Pro: Beautiful Notch with all the Basics Done Right

We loved this phone.

With the world trying to avoid the notch, we recently saw the Oppo Find X, an epic step cutting the notch in the best way it can. But, being honest, we are still not sure if we are ready to have a motorised moving part in the phones yet. Oppo Find X was no doubt the best innovation of the year when it comes to smartphones, but there is still a section of the people who are not ready to adopt it and the tech in Oppo Find X is also not cheap at all. Though we want to get rid of the notch to achieve the best screen-to-body ratio, Oppo F9 Pro proves that the notch can sometimes be beautiful. Looks little identical to Essential Phone, Oppo F9 Pro has a kind of water drop notch at the front with a tiny chin grill at the bottom.