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The Popple 11 Jun, 2019 11:44 73884 24

Mr. Robot Dialogues That'll Force You To Question Everything About Life

"Power belongs to people who take it."

Mr. Robot is a contemporaneous and culturally resonant drama about a young programmer, Elliot, who suffers from a debilitating anti-social disorder. Elliot decides that he can only connect to people by hacking them. He wields his skills as a weapon to protect the people that mean a dime to him. After getting recruited by Mr. Robot, an insurrectionary anarchist, he becomes the part of a group of hacktivists called "fsociety.

Elliot delves in delusion and again, uses hacking as a medium to connect with the world. With his sassy remarks, Elliot expresses genuine curiosity about the world. Here are some of the best of them, from Elliot and others, that will make you question everything.