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Can You Guess The Missing Alphabet On The Keyboard (QUIZ)

No cheating, please!

"Why should people use a keyboard, when they can use a pen?"- John CollinsKeeping this quote aside, when we were school goers, a keyboard was nothing but an input device and now? *Texting on Tinder* *24x7 chat*We have been using QWERTY format keyboard since forever. Yes, the gadget did change from PC to laptop and finally mobile phones. Everyone does use a keyboard, on a regular basis and this fact cannot be simply ignored. 

Here is a deal, even using it all day and night, it is hard to score ten on ten in this quiz.But if you love taking challenges then you can surely go ahead and comment your score in the comment section once you are finished with the quiz. 

So, let's see who can top the list and come up as the Keyboard-Lord.

PS- The only one rule is you have to be fair, and no cheating is allowed!