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Yogesh Sachdev 23 Aug, 2019 05:31 73965 20

Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next Twenty Years Due To Artificial Intelligence

Automation is the future of your current job.

In the age of start-up and technology-driven businesses, it's taken for granted that robots and machines will automate repeated works.

Unskilled jobs and autonomous tasks are for sure going to be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence developed systems, moving forward.

Chances are you might not have realized that we're already using A.I. in our daily lives. If you are trying to figure it out, give a read to our previous article "14 Times You Didn’t Realise You Were Using Artificial Intelligence In Your Daily Life."  

As per a study by McKinsey Global Institute in 2017, around 800 million people will lose their jobs due to automation. In the US itself, approximately 47 % of the workforce task will be automated over the next 20 years as per research by Oxford University.