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Lavisha 05 Aug, 2019 06:26 74008 20

The Weirdest Rituals Performed Around The World

Eerie cultures, no less than nightmares

The 21st century is all about technology and luxuries. While we are constantly craving for comfort, there are still places around the globe wherein people not only just get out of their comfort zones, but also go way beyond them.

For the rituals and traditions, which were followed by their ancestors and now by them... even today there are many people who can go beyond their limits for the sake of carrying their tradition. However, all these rituals are not decent, some of them are quite unnatural, others being eerie, weird and terrifying.

But what could possibly be so crazy about a ritual or a tradition? Come let’s find out about some of the most interestingly weird and crazy rituals that are/were performed around the world.