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Mr Robot FSociety 26 Dec, 2018 04:55 72319 5

Indiajoy Was One Of The Biggest Gaming Events Ever Held In India

Calling gamers. 

Indiajoy, which was wrapped in Hyderabad this December 6 was just a dream for every gamer. It was certainly one of the biggest gaming events ever held in India. 
IGX gaming expo and Playmax Esports Arena sponsored various gaming tournaments like Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Seige. 
For the PUBG Mobile players, there was a special zone which was unique to see. 
"One of the newer competitive games was Rainbow Six Seige which had players from as far as Bangladesh coming in just to participate in the competition," says Indiajoy team. 
Also, the gamers got the chance to grab a lot of prizes of up to 3,50,000 INR from the Logitech G, who sponsored the prize.