Aaditya Sharma 15 Oct, 2018 13:28 70492 7

Pixel 3 Is Google's Way Of Saying That They Don't Care About Hardware

Well, everything is about camera.

I am an avid Android user, and without a doubt, I can say that Google's last two generations of Pixel phones were the best Android smartphones in the world. And, with time, the case will be similar with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. I was excited at the time when Google's launch event for Pixel 3 started. I was hoping to get something unusual and never-before-seen device from the company. But, nothing like that happened. Even the launch event was so boring that people were searching for features on which they could clap. I mean, really Google? The lack of excitement and enthusiasm during the event turned me off. 

I know Google Pixel 3, and 3 XL are the best Android smartphones in the market. But, we were looking for innovation, and Google again proved that software would be their main playing ground. 

So, let us start by looking into the specifications of the device.