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Dewesh Shankar 08 May, 2019 07:47 73466 24

Game Of Thrones Mistakes That Never Caught Your Eye

Bet You Didn't Notice!

The world is witnessing the showdown of one of the greatest television shows ever. The most awaited final season is out.

In the last eight years, Game of Thrones has undeniably embraced its fandom with immense thrill, excitement and pleasure. So, with the final season hitting the screens, it embarks the end of the grandest show, with the world not remaining the same ever again. 

It is undoubtedly one hell of a show but, hey, it's us, humans, who created it and hence, there's always room for some bloopers.

Well, yeah, even the near-perfect show had some mistakes; and that makes it all the more real.

So, scroll down to delve deeper to spot the unseen faults which got swiped away in the shadow of your excitement.