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The Popple 29 May, 2019 05:03 73861 29

25+ Darkest And Punniest Game Of Thrones Memes Only A Fan Should See

So dark that even the brightness filter is useless...

With season finale on its brink and all of us at the edge of whatever (or should I say whomever?) we're holding to, the internet is also flooding with a plethora of GoT memes. Be it Arya's accolades or Cersei's endless obsession with the elephants, we've got it all. With the longest battle in GoT, we've all had our share of anxiety and ups & downs. And with endless fan theories, our weekly watch is as funny as it can get.

Brace yourselves coz winter is here, the dead are here and so are the memes.

PS: Only those who truly proclaim to be fans must go on.