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Dewesh Shankar 08 Feb, 2019 13:02 73232 32

26 Differences Between The 'Game Of Thrones' TV Show And Books That You Never Knew

You didn't see this coming.

Story arcs that would send shivers down your spine. The best one-liners that would be remembered till eternity. The most shocking demises. There's a lot that Game of Thrones has bequeathed us with. And while the television series is the adaptation from the saga by George R. R. Martin, there are a few things that have been tweaked and twisted to suit the visual storyline of the show.

As David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ mega-hit fantasy saga returns for the final time coming April, we present you some of the differences between the books and the TV show. So, scroll down and take a look.