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Pictures Of Friends Cast You Might Not Relate To The Show!

Let's talk about Friends!

Friends is a very popular show, even after so many years, people keep going for its reruns. No one must have thought that a comedy show could get this popular and people would go so crazy for it. But "Friends" made a lasting impression in the industry and on the people as well.

Talking about the cast, they are some of the luckiest people, to become so popular through a show. Not only that, they found a family in each other.

But now taking their personal lives in consideration, they are not always like what they seem on screen. They have their own lives and ways of living, which are quite different from the show's perspective. And they can't stop paparazzi from clicking their pictures. 

So here are some pictures of the "Friends" cast from the show and from their real lives as well.