Aaditya Sharma 03 Dec, 2018 09:21 71915 3

Fortnite Addiction Forces Kids Into Video Game Rehab

Ninja fires back at parents. 

I don't need to stress the fact that Fortnite is everywhere. The Epic Games' blockbuster game has created a wave that many gamers have been the part of. And, it got stronger in 2018 especially after the release on Android and other mobile platforms. Recently it was even reported that the game had garnered over 200 million registered users. The game has seen a 60 percent rise in the numbers from January (40 million).

Fortnite certainly has impacted the lives of millions around the globe. But now, some reports suggest that 'Fortnite Addiction' does exist. A mother even shared the story about her son's addiction and the popular Fortnite player; Ninja has shared his views. Keep reading to know more about it.