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Mr Robot 10 Jan, 2019 12:23 72676 26

25+ Funniest 'Earth Is Flat' Memes On The Internet Today

Are we curvy or flat?

The idea of the flat Earth has been around here for quite a while and some of their theories actually make sense. No, who am I kidding, Earth is actually flat!!
No, don't kill me yet. It is scientifically proven that the Earth isn't flat and it is all round just like our tummies (sorry for the bad pun) but there are people who still claim that Earth is flat and space agencies like NASA and ISRO are hiding this fact from us. Well, this is a never-ending war so why don't we just relax and have fun instead, right? Yes? so, here are some of the most hilarious flat Earth memes that will make you go rofl.