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Lavisha 26 Nov, 2019 06:03 74260 30

Dazzling Pictures Of Emma Watson To Make You Fall In Love With Her

Not just a pretty face!

We all know Emma since she was a kid, especially for her role in the "Harry Potter" series as Hermione Granger. Hermione was a strong, intelligent and lovely little girl and Emma is exactly the same in real life. Just like Hermione, Emma is a book lover and a geek to say so. 

But let's not forget Emma is not a kid anymore, she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She has got everything a girl, especially an actress could ask for. She is not only beautiful as an angel but quite intelligent and multi-talented too. 

And here are some pictures of this lovely lady, to just admire her beauty and talent!

Let's get scrolling!