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Dewesh 10 Jan, 2019 07:04 71813 20

10 DC Characters That Are Stronger Than Batman And 10 That Are Weaker 

Does the Dark Knight has all what it takes? 

It's a no-brainer that Batman has been a vital part of the comic industry ever since his introduction in 1939. The loss of his parents at a very young age turned the course of his life, and hence, he stands to protect his city and fight the criminals. Batman is highly competent to combat the criminals with his martial art skills, futuristic gadgets, intelligence, and sheer strength. 

Being the law enforcer is no easy task, and sometimes even Bruce ended up taking the hit. It becomes interesting to know who would have the last laugh when pit against the Dark Knight. 

Hence, keep reading to know more about the 10 DC characters that Batman knocked out and other 10 with whom he had a hard time.