Dewesh Shankar 25 Dec, 2018 13:24 72401 10

Best Smartphones Of 2018 That Came And Shook The World 

The year saw a wide range of great phones.

The smartphone industry is going through a transformational phase. The dominance of Apple and Samsung is continuously challenged by the Chinese folks which have quite an impressive arsenal at their disposal. 

Be it the Huawei Mate 20 Pro that made a mark in the premium smartphone market or the Poco F1 that shook it all; there was something for everyone. 2018 brought some never seen before technologies like the in-display fingerprint scanner and the slider camera.

It's not like that the stalwarts gave up in front of the newbies. Google Pixel and the new iPhones are brilliant devices too and perfectly fill the shoes of their predecessors. So, without further delay, let' take a look at the ten best smartphones of 2018.