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From LeBlanc To Koker Here's The Best & The Worst Ranked Car TV Hosts 

True fans, gather around!

If you are a fan of cars in general, then you must have stumbled upon car shows. Yes, this alternative universe contains shows about automobiles, four and six tyred beasts and soft Audis. 

And once you tremble into the marathon of it, you will realise that even though your love for cars is perennial, there is one more thing that is responsible for taking a show to its heights or dragging it through the mud. 

And those are the hosts. With every show comes a different person, who takes us through the journey. And not all hosts are the same. 

With that in mind, here are the top 10 best and worst Car TV hosts ever, in no particular order.

First, let's begin with our Top 10 Worst hosts: