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Lavisha 11 Oct, 2019 06:21 74190 20

Behind The Scenes Shots That Tell Us About Real Life Joker And Harley

Let's get behind these scenes, and know them better!

A sneak peek inside someone's personal live usually changes our perceptions about them and the things around them. 

Joker and Harley - one of the most notorious couples in comic history, known to share a quite intense and abusive relationship. They have been a pair since Margot Robbie first appeared as Harley in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, but their first big debut on the big screen was Suicide Squad. 

They always create a sense of tension when they are together on screen, but that's not the case off-screen. Leto and Margot are not at all like their characters on screen, neither is their relation anything like what is showcased. 

And so a peek at what goes on behind the scenes, brings about a really different picture of the couple. So without further ado, let's jump on these behind the scenes shots, to know how our favorite characters are in real life.