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Utsav Malik 05 Jul, 2018 08:10 59133 15

Top 10 Amazing iPhone Features You Didn't Know About Previously

Spoiler: One of them can be a life saver.

Apple as a company always finds a way to revolutionize the industry it takes part in. The 'one more thing' which was started by Steve Jobs has over the years transcended into company's folklore and entered into their products and services. It might be argued that iPhones don't pack as many features as an android phone does but they are unique in their own right. We are here to tell you that iPhones do pack quite many features, only for them to not reveal them in the open. There are features such as gesture control, typing assists, camera assists, network assists etc. 

So we at WittyFeed would like to tell you about ten such iPhone features you didn't know about previously. Spoiler alert: One of them can actually save your life!