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Dewesh Shankar 13 Oct, 2018 09:10 70403 25

What Is iPhone Gate? Every Issue In iPhone Xs That You Must Know Before Buying

Well, there are more than you know. 

216 million - That's the number of iPhones Apple sold worldwide in the fiscal year of 2017. And, I don't need to mention that it's astronomical by any standards. So, if anything goes wrong even with 0.01% of the iPhones people bought in 2017, there will be 21,600 cases worldwide. And while there have been issues with other smartphones, iPhones had their fair share of problems too.

Some of them were fixed by pushing just a software update from Apple while other had even required Apple to offer a free bumper case with the device. Have a read below at some of the iPhone 'gates' that are worth knowing.