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The Popple 05 Jun, 2019 06:44 73874 21

These Game Of Thrones Actors Are Also Harry Potter Alumni

The biggest fictional universes collide!

If you are someone who was born in the '90s, then your childhood was engrossed with Harry Potter and your 20s are run through with Game of Thrones. Two ginormous fictional kingdoms and the biggest pop culture phenomenon can ever get, these two sets of entertainments rule their time. But did you know that these two kingdoms have more in common than being a cultural juggernaut?

Well, it's the cast.

Yes. Even though Game of Thrones went into filming after Harry Potter was concluded. There are some actors who have both Game of Thrones and Harry Potter on their resume. 

Take a back seat as we take you to the actors who have acted in both of these pop culture powerhouses. Enjoy!