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Mr Robot FSociety 24 Jul, 2017 10:05 56735 0

10 Hidden Instagram Tricks That Every Instagram User Should Know

Calling all Insta people!

Instagram is the new Snapchat and especially after the introduction of stories and face filters, Instagram has totally nailed the last Snapchat's only feature. Coming to the Instagram tricks, we all know how much Instagram has become the part of our daily life and it is very difficult to get out of the loop that Instagram has developed for all of us. The photo sharing social app is a perfect combination of filters, stories, and now even face filters. And we are sure you have been using Instagram all the time but here are some tricks that we think even you as a pro user might have missed out. But not to worry, we are always here to the rescue and we will make sure you don't miss out on something. So here are the top 10 hidden tricks on Instagram that can change the way you use Instagram.